Gemini Rue iOS Version Released

Wadjet Eye Games' retro-styled, neo-noir thriller on sale for $3.99 on the App Store
Independent publisher Wadjet Eye Games has announced that Gemini Rue, a PC game formerly known as Boryokudan Rue, is available now for iPad and iPhone. The atmospheric Gemini Rue is set in a bleak future dominated by the corrupt Boryokudan crime syndicate. Alternating between ex-assassin Azriel Odin and hospital inmate Delta-Six, players must uncover the secrets both protagonists are guarding and uncover their unlikely bond.
The iOS version has been extensively optimized and overhauled for touch screen play with larger in-game icons and text, comfortable "point and tap" controls, a hotspot finder to minimize pixel hunting, and a redesigned combat system. In addition, the game is fully voiced by professional actors and includes optional developer commentary.