Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions Announced and Screens

A brand new upcoming expansion for the award-winning game
Along with these screenshots, Matrix Games and Western Civilization Software announced the imminent release of Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions, the first expansion for the official computer adaptation of the World War 2 tactical wargame Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. Ghost Divisions focuses on the battles of Army Group Center and its two Panzer Groups under Guderian and Hoth against the Red Army, the rapid initial Blitzkrieg and the drives to encircle and destroy the Soviet forces.
This brand new expansion allows you to play company and platoon-sized forces from the 7th Panzer Division and the Grossdeutschland Regiment in two additional campaigns with 10 Scenarios total as a stand-alone or directly in the main game. Multiplayer has also been added for head to head linked campaign games.
Conflict of Heroes: Ghost Divisions requires ownership of Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear. It will also work with the upcoming Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel.