Terra Militaris: Firearms Launched and Screens/Trailer

Expansion brings gunpowder-based weapons to MMORTS
Gala Networks Europe today launched Firearms, an overhauling expansion to Terra Militaris that adds new units and new gameplay features to this history based real time strategy MMO. With the invention of gunpowder in Firearms, players will now also be able to train the so-called Hackbuteers - specially trained and armed riflemen - and build cannons that can only improve their tactical options and winning stakes. Through the completely new pet system, players will be able to add even more strength to their troops. For the first time in Terra Militaris, the expansion will allow virtual warlords to tame, summon and train mighty and ferocious battle creatures that will accompany them on the battlefield.
To celebrate the launch, Gala Networks Europe will hold a championship event, in which players can win real world prizes, such as gaming hardware, as well as in-game rewards - seven fresh screenshots and the launch trailer have been inserted in our download area.