Firefall Open Beta Dated

Closed Beta testing is nearing completion
Red 5 Studios today announced that the open beta test of Firefall will start on July 5th, 2013, allowing developers to expand Firefallís servers and test upcoming content with a larger audience for broader feedback and heavier load on our infrastructure. To prepare Firefall for Open Beta testing, Red 5 Studios will roll out a final series of Closed Beta updates between April and July - examples include polish to crafting and progression, an upgraded activities director and additional open world content.
Firefall is a team-based action shooter that thrusts hundreds of players together into a dynamic open world combining competitive multiplayer and large-scale cooperative gameplay. Firefall paints a beautifully devastating vision of Earth, 200 years in the future. The promise of a new clean energy source, Crystite, leads to the disastrous arrival of the Melding, a hostile energy storm that engulfs most of our home planet. Players will protect the Earth through the use of high-tech battleframes, which can be customized extensively to unlock the power of Firefall's class-based combat. Battleframes allow players to specialize in their favorite style of play, while giving them the flexibility to swap and trade their way to new configurations on-the-fly.

Firefall on PC
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