DARK First Skills Trailer Released

The new video focuses on several of the special attacks and powers available to players
Kalypso Media has released a new video for DARK, a third-person stealth-action game developed by RealmForge (creators of Dungeons) and scheduled to be available this summer, for PC and Xbox 360. In DARK, you, as Eric Bane, a newly "born" vampire, must uncover the secrets of this new world, and the mysterious GeoForge Corporation and the ancient vampires who control it. To do this you must stealthily explore a variety of modern environments, while using your unique vampire powers to silence all those who dare oppose you.
In this trailer, you get to see first-hand some of the Inherent skills such as the Shadow Leap where Eric transports himself in a cloud of smoke undetected across short distances, and Auspex, a vampiric night vision that picks out enemies by the blood pumping round their bodies. The trailer also showcases some of the darker skills such as the stealthy Shadow Kill, the deadly Shadow Grip and Domination, a form of vampire mind control.