RF Online 1.5 Launched in Europe and Client

The ultimate conflict between rhree races explodes in this MMO Sci-Fi experience
Releasing a new game client, OnNet Europe today announced that RF Online 1.5 is now commercially available across Europe. A new and improved version of its predecessor, RF Online, the 1.5 version features enhanced balance, a new level cap at 105, new maps and the new Cash Shop. Additionally, until April 24th, new users have the chance to win Amazon gift cards of up to 500 value, and returning players can win in-game currency, special content and great rewards! Over 50,000 players registered during open beta testing.
Rising Force Online pits players into a massive three-faction nonstop battle that equips them with everything from swords to nuclear weapons to bring the opposing factions to their knees. The game features three distinct races: Bellato, with pointed ears, use Force (magic) as their primary weapon. They rely on heavy mechs known as MAU's for a variety of combat situations. Cora are similar to Bellato in appearance, though larger, and prefer to use their Force to call and tame creatures known as Animus to aid in their victories. Accretia are a race of cyborgs, completely mechanical, and unable to use Force. Instead they rely on technological feats including both close range weapons and ranged combat such as rocket launchers.

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