World Basketball Manager Tycoon Demo Released

A fresh look in sport strategy games, that combines the classic manager game with the financial management and development of a Tycoon type game
Icehole Games today announced the availability of a new version of World Basketball Manager Tycoon, a game mode for World Basketball Manager that lets player become the owner of a basketball club and lead it to glory. In classic WBM game the user creates his profile and starts his international career as the Manager of a basketball club, trying to become the best manager in the world. But in WBM Tycoon the user is not only the Manager, but also the Club Owner and the Financial Manager, and he gets to create a new basketball franchise in any country he wants or take control of an existing one.
As the Club Owner the user must generate (or loan) the necessary funds in order to expand the club’s facilities, raise the financial level and improve the team's roster in order to win titles. And as he remains the Manager, he is still in charge of the Player's training program and when the match day comes, he will have to select the team lineup, create the most appropriate strategy and find the way to victory by countering the opposing manager’s plans.