Anno Online English Closed Beta Begins and Trailer

The famous license is now available for all English players; hereafter they will be able to explore new vast lands
Releasing a new video and sixteen fresh screenshots, Ubisoft today announced that the English version of Anno Online, a free-to-play strategy simulation game that lets you build and develop big medieval cities, has entered Closed Beta. Anno Online draws its mechanism from Anno 1404, the main goal for players is to bring life to their islands, thanks to 1000 buildings and many decorative items helping players to create the nicest islands ever imagined in a browser game. Trade by ships remains essential for the game, offering various multiplayer possibilities which are going to enhance the economic system of the Anno IP.
In the game players will have the opportunity to cooperate with friends thanks to the guild system. This upcoming feature will allow them from mid-May onwards to create their own guild, choose a name and a guild tag, invite up to 25 members and establish a strategy thanks to the guild chat channel. This feature will also bring a brand new building, the guild hall, allowing users to gather and feel a unique guild belonging.