Ghost Recon Online v0.11.0 Released and Screens

A host of new content, features and game service improvements that will further enhance the Ghost Recon Online experience
Ubisoft has launched the 0.11.0 patch for Ghost Recon Online adding Attica Heights, the second map designed for the Holdout game mode. With this update, players will be able to fully test any weapon in the Firing Range. With new tiers of weapons unlocking as players level up within Ghost Recon Online, the Field Testing system will award temporary trial versions of the weapons as they become available. These trial versions can be taken into three standard matches and are a great way to test a weapon’s performance in real battlefield situations.
0.11.0 also delivers more ways for players to get their hands on the right gear for the job. Four new bundles will ease the players' progression as they level up, giving them all the essential equipment they could need. Players looking for vintage, limited-edition weapons can now find them in the new Mystery Boxes. Each box has a possibility of dropping rare and valuable items, adding a hint of chance to a game where luck don't live.
Three fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.