Company of Heroes 2 Theatre of War Mode Revealed and Screens

Fight the Eastern Front’s most iconic battles alone or co-operatively with your friends
Along with these screenshots, SEGA announced today that Company of Heroes 2, the strategy game sequel from Relic Entertainment, will launch with an all-new mode called Theatre of War. This mode includes solo challenges where players are pitted against overwhelming odds, AI battles against an enemy commander with a unique play style and co-operative scenarios for fans to enjoy with their friends.
At the release of Company of Heroes 2, the Theatre of War mode will include missions from key battles in 1941. Choosing either the Soviet Red Army or the Germans, players will visit different locations across the Eastern Front and take part in some of the most famous battles that occurred that year. Each faction has 9 unique missions included. Additional Theatre of War missions will be added to the game at a later date, including the previously announced mini-pack for all eligible pre-order customers.
Company of Heroes 2 will be available for PC on June 25th 2013, in North America and Europe.