Leviathan: Warships Released and Trailer

Naval strategic combat title weighs anchor on PC and Mac, will set sail for tablets later this week
Paradox Interactive today announced that Leviathan: Warships, a tactical action game developed by Pieces Interactive, is available now for PC and Mac, with a single purchase allowing players to play on both platforms. The iPad and Android tablet versions will be available on May 2 2013 and are $4.99 each. All four ports (and starboards) can play together in multi-player co-op and versus modes.
In Leviathan: Warships, players will choose from a wide array of ship and weapon types to build a personalized fleet and fight battles in a unique blend of action and turn-based gameplay. Captains can take their time to plot out their turn, assigning moves and attacks to their ships, and then witness the chaos of battle as each fleet engages their maneuvers in simultaneous action sequences. And you can bring along up to 3 other players for five individual challenge missions, or you can play a full co-op campaign spanning nine levels.
The launch trailer is locally mirrored.