Indie Jam 2 Bundle Released

The follow-up to the popular Indie Jam bundle
Bundle Stars today launched the Indie Jam 2 Bundle, a collection that offers the following nine PC games, including 4 Mac-compatible titles and 8 Steam keys, grouped together at 95% off the typical retail price. Paying just 3.94 (around $5) will get you Shattered Horizon (Windows/Steam), Nuclear Dawn (Windows/Mac/Steam), Two Worlds II: Castle Defense (Windows/Mac/Steam), Planets Under Attack (Windows/Mac/Steam), Iron Grip: Warlord (Windows/Steam), Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead (Windows/Desura), Ion Assault (Windows/Steam), X-Blades (Windows/Steam) and Two Worlds II (Windows/Mac/Steam).

Bundle on PC
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