Rise of Prussia Gold Coming Soon

Rise of Prussia Gold includes 2 years worth of updates and fixes, improvements and even some new features and adds 3 new scenarios to this strategy classic
Matrix Games and AGEOD have announced that the turn-based historical grand strategy game, Rise of Prussia Gold, will launch soon and will be available as a full new game or as an upgrade kit for Rise of Prussia. Note that the Upgrade Kit is compatible with all non Steam versions - a Steam version will be released as soon as possible. If you just can't wait, it is possible to install the upgrade kit on a Steam version but you must manually navigate to the install folder.
Rise of Prussia Gold is a new and improved version of AGEODs Seven Years War (1757-1763) game set in Europe. This strategy game was initially released by AGEOD in 2010 and the Gold version adds numerous improvements and additional scenarios that take the game to the next level.
The original game is set during the age of famous king Frederick II, featuring Prussia and her allies in her grand fight against the Coalition led by Austria with France, Russia, Sweden and the Empire. The Gold version includes 3 new scenarios. Two cover the key moments of the Prussian intervention during the War of Austrian Succession (1740-1748), where king Frederick II fought on the battlefield for the first time. The third is a 4-players campaign of the 1757 to 1763 years has been included to enhance competitive gameplay experience.