Return to Castlerama Coming to iOS and Screens

Action adventure game for iOS in a fantasy setting
Releasing these screenshots, independent Italian studio Codenrama today announced that Return to Castlerama, an atmospheric adventure game of ancient rivalries set against spectacular scenery, will be available from June 20 in the App Store. Return To Castlerama mixes narrative elements of the supernatural, with family intrigue, and features a number of different playing styles to complete.
The player is cast as David, a young man seeking to save his village Castlerama, and the surrounding Gorendal Valley, from the curse of the evil Artaserses. As well as exploring the neighbourhood and the lush environs of the valley, David will also encounter zombies, a dragon, and other fantastical monsters. Along the way there are eye-catching tarot cards to be collected which form an integral part of the end-game.