TinyKeep Kickstarter Campaign Underway

Battle against unique intelligent monsters in this action RPG set in deep underground dungeons
Originally inspired by classic roguelikes and RPGs such as Rogue, NetHack, Ultima IV, and boardgames like Hero Quest, TinyKeep is a 3D dungeon crawler for Windows and Mac, currently under development by programmer Phi Dinh. In essence, TinyKeep is a 3D realtime action RPG, focusing on exploration and combat. At its heart is a sophisticated AI system, designed to produce unique monster intelligence that behaves in exciting and unpredictable ways. Phi Dinh wanted to create a game that feels alive, where the dungeon's inhabitants have their own motivations and needs, and situations are created that have never been seen before in a game of this genre.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here - accomplishment of the funding goal will allow the team to create the most basic core version of TinyKeep.