Out of Hell 9 May 2013

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Full Control has announced that Chris Camfield has joined the advisory board for Jagged Alliance: Flashback, a prequel to the Jagged Alliance series. Chris was responsible for co-designing and implementing the classic Jagged Alliance 2 games, as well as leading design in the unreleased Jagged Alliance 3.

2. SkyJoy Interactive is a new software development company co-founded by three industry veterans who seek to bring the accessibility and widespread appeal of classic games from the 1990s to the mobile gaming medium. Brothers Miguel and Alex Portilla have teamed up with entrepreneur, Abdulhady "Abboudi" Taher, to create the first multi million dollar Miami-based software development company focusing on the casual and social games mobile market emphasizing the revered video games of their youth.

3. Joymax announced that a new server has been added for its MMORPG, Digimon Masters. Beelzemon is the third Digimon Masters server and the first to be opened in a year.

4. A Kickstarter campaign for Clandestine: Anomaly, the world's first fully featured Emergent Reality Game (ERG), is now underway.

5. Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing have announced that the 85-ton Stalker Mech, Misery, now available in the Mech Lab for MechWarrior Online. Sporting top speeds of 48.6 kph and armed with four medium lasers, a Gauss rifle, a large laser and an SRM-6, this is what Misery truly looks like. Additionally this gigantic update brings pilots the chance to nab the new Jenner Champion Trial Mech as well as the option to customize the color of all Hero Mechs.

6. At a press conference held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sony Computer Entertainment announced the local manufacturing of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) computer entertainment system. The PS3 systems are manufactured by Sony Brasil Ltda. in Manaus, state of Amazonas. The suggested retail price of a locally manufactured PS3 (250GB) is $1,099 Reais (MSRP).

7. Belonging to the magic element, Ninjini is the newest and final character to join the Skylanders Giants fold, Activision Publishing announced. Ninjini now joins her other Giant pals such as Eyebrawl, Swarm, Thumpback and Bouncer in the fight against Kaos to save Skylands.

8. InnoGames has launched its first birthday event for the popular strategy browser game Forge of Empires. Including a quest series, given by a mysterious fortune teller, players will not only be rewarded with in-game bonuses for the quests - they might also obtain some hints about future plans for the game. Players will have until May 21st to complete the quest series, which contains up to 21 single steps. Rewards will be new unique items, but also gimmicks like concept art of never published Great Buildings and new portrait pictures.