Fat Cat Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Crowdfunding campaign for a mobile, 2D, casual, twitch game
California based Killer Penguin Studios and Abstrakt Reality have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new mobile game named Fat Cat. A cat got so fat that he could no longer catch mice or run around like he once could and all he wanted to do was eat and sleep. The mice saw this as an opportunity to get back at Fat Cat - they constantly taunt him and take his bed away. Fat Cat finally had enough and was determined to find a way to catch those mice and take back what belongs to him.
Gameplay consists of 3 main mechanics. Rotation is the core mechanic in the game. The only way Fat Cat can maneuver around the world is by rotating the world. Collecting is another mechanic. Fat Cat collects the mice in the world and other collectable features that are added into the game. Zoom, the third mechanic, is used for zooming in and out to see the whole world to help your gameplay.