Deadpool Screens 11 May 2013

Based on the awesome-ing-ist Super Hero ever known to man
Activision Publishing sent us five fresh screenshots from Deadpool, the latest video game in the works at High Moon Studios and slated to be launched on June 25th, for PS3 and Xbox 360. Those who pre-order the game via GameStop and EBGames will receive Merc with a Map Pack DLC that adds two new maps GRT Plaza and Inside the Tower to Deadpool Challenge mode, as well as two bonus costumes - the D-Pooly and Uncanny X-Force suits only for use in the unlockable Infinite mode where your stats are tracked on a global leaderboard. Pre-order offer also includes an exclusive digital wallpaper for PowerUp Rewards members featuring Deadpool.
Those who pre-order Deadpool via Amazon will receive a $5 Amazon credit towards select Marvel graphic novels, plus an exclusive digital wallpaper and digital cover sleeve.