Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Intro Movie

The video takes a selection of the units in the game (submarines, battleship, tanks and aircraft), through real locations using real photos from WWII
Slitherine, Flashback Games Studio and The Lordz Games Studio have released the first movie from Panzer Corps: Allied Corps, a stand-alone title in the Panzer Corps series that puts the player in charge of the Western Allies. It starts in the Western Desert with British and Italian forces fighting in 1940 before Operation Compass. It will move from North Africa, Crete, Italy to North West Europe and into Germany.
Panzer Corps: Allied Corps features tons of new units, artillery, anti-tanks, new Medals and Heroes (e.g. The Victoria Cross and the Medal of Honor), Seventy Allied hero portraits, new campaign artwork, map images for all scenarios, new difficulty icons (5 Allied military ranks), a new UI theme for the Western Allies and much more.