Total War: Rome II Pre-Order Record

The strong start to ROME II's presales indicates a continuing and growing profile for the long-running series from UK studio Creative Assembly
SEGA today announced that Total War: Rome II, the latest game in the works at The Creative Assembly exclusively for PC, is already the fastest pre-ordered Total War game to date, with over six times the number of gamers ordering the title in its first official week as did for previous title Total War: Shogun 2. The exclusive and highly-limited Collectorţs Edition has also pre-ordered well, with over half the available copies already sold out in the US.
>Those who pre-order any edition from participating retailers will receive ROME II's first DLC for free alongside the game on release day. Named the Greek States Culture Pack, this DLC adds three additional playable factions to the game; Epirus, Athens and Sparta. These factions have their own unique units, buildings, missions and win conditions alongside a distinct tech tree and, in the case of Sparta, will present a considerable challenge to the advanced player wishing to restore the famous city state to its former glory.
Total War: Rome II will be available on September 3rd, 2013, across all territories on both physical and digital formats.