Ferrari 458 GT2 Added to Assetto Corsa and Screens

This car follows the 458 Italia and the F40, and is the third of the first five Ferraris announced for Assetto Corsa
Along with these fifteen pics, Kunos Simulazioni announced that Ferrari 458 GT2 will be included in the definitive release of Assetto Corsa. Based on technical data provided by the technical department of Maranello, this racing car has also been a subject of study and analysis on many occasions during tests held at Vallelunga Race circuit, where the Kunos Simulazioni's HQ is located. Feedback from the drivers and data analysis have been very important in order to reproduce this car with the maximum fidelity.
The Ferrari 458 GT2 is the most extreme racing version of the 458 Italia and follows the regulations of both ACO and FIA. As such, the engine horsepower is heavily limited, the gearbox is replaced with a Hewland six-speed sequential, ABS and Traction Control is not permitted in most of the leagues and the car must comply with the minimum weight specified by the rules plus eventual ballast can be added if needed.