World of Tanks Update 8.6 Revealed and Screens

New game balances and SPGs coming soon
Along with these fresh visuals, Wargaming unveiled that the next content update for World of Tanks will bring further changes and balance to the in-game economy, as well as add new SPGs to push that armor line to tier X. Current tier 8 SPGs will be promoted to tier X, while the newly introduced SPGs in Update 8.6 will take their place in the middle tiers. The American tech tree will be bolstered with M44 and M53/55 artillery units, while the Soviet line will be filled out with SU-122A and SU-14-1. The German tech line will be strengthened with three machines: 10.5 GW Mk.IV(e), Pz.Sfl.IVb, and G.W.Tiger (P). Lastly, the French will receive AMX Obusier automoteur de 105 and Bat.Chatillon155 (55) artilleries.
Update 8.6 will also introduce a new premium British medium tank, the A33 Excelsior, and will also introduce a new map based in Korea.