Killzone: Mercenary Released Earlier, Pre-Order Offer and Trailer

Experience Killzone from a brutally new perspective, only on PlayStation Vita, this September
Previously scheduled to be available in North America on September 17th, Killzone: Mercenary, a first-person shooter that makes full use of the PlayStation Vita's graphical and input capabilities, will launch earlier, on September 10th. Players who pre-order the game will receive "Blackjack's Briefcase", a reward for their early support that affords them an early edge in both the game's competitive online multiplayer and extensive Campaign mode. It includes a double XP boost and in-game cash bonus. In addition, fans in the United States who reserve a copy of Killzone: Mercenary at GameStop will receive an exclusive gun for use in both Campaign and Multiplayer action: the M224-A1 Light Machine Gun.
Killzone: Mercenary will be released in Europe on September 4th and in the UK on September 6th - a new trailer is locally mirrored.