Eldevin Second Closed Beta Underway

Eldevin runs on all major web browsers, with no additional downloads or lengthy installation
Hunted Cow Studios sent over a press release announcing the start of the second phase of Closed Beta for Eldevin, a free-to-play 3D browser-based MMO. Players can play through the entire game, access all areas, quests, crafting, events, experience the epic story, participate in all the group dungeons and engage in competitive PvP, for free with no limits.
In the Eldevin Closed Beta Phase 2, players will be able to experience the first 30 levels of the game while specializing in any of the 6 talent trees - Templar, Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Mage and Prophet. They will also be able to participate in 6 cooperative group dungeons with other adventurers, level up in the 14 different professions, take on the 'Trial of the Champions' and experience a wealth of story-driven content as they fight to defend the lands of Eldevin Kingdom.