Medal Wars: The First One Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Demo/Trailer

Enter a world of epic battles as one man overcomes his fate to become the greatest soldier ever
In development for about six years, Medal Wars: The First One was made entirely by Paul Stephen-Davis, including the game engine, code, art, design, etc. And by an upcoming musician called Kevin Green, who used to remix popular game tunes as a hobby Taking inspiration from the old classics, Medal Wars: The First One sets out to create a bonkers 2D shoot-fest with it's unique targeting system (you can perform headshots & footshots), and to immerse the player in a world chock full of insane characters.
Taking the role of a fresh recruit, it's down to you and your madman partner 'Buddy' to save the inept Green Army from total destruction. After the invasion of Pebble Beach the Black Army seem unstoppable, with more tricks up their sleeves than Houdini, you'll need to use your head as well as your trigger finger if you're to become the greatest soldier ever.
The Kickstarter campaign page is located here - a playable demo and a video have been added in our download area.