Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict GOLD v1.04 Patch

The patch is all inclusive and not backwards compatible with previously saved games and Fury Software have issued a fourth patch for Strategic Command World War Two Global Conflict GOLD, a new expansion to the original SC WWII Global Conflict game. It includes various bug fixes and addresses a game imbalance issue that appears to favor the Axis side between two equally competent players. All previous new features and improvements are included as well, such as: improved compatibility with Windows 8, as well as dozens of improvements, fixes and tweaks to both the GOLD game engine as well as the GOLD editor - many based on feedback from the fan community forums and email - and even a completely new bonus campaign, 1942 Brute Force, which is a alternative map Europe and Pacific 1942-1945 campaign.
Note that you do not need this patch unless you have the GOLD expansion installed. This patch only updates the expansion, not the base game, nor any other expansion packs.