Waveryder Linux and Mac Demos Released

The demo contains a single game level, one game mode and two speedboats
Candella Software and VirtualSoft have released a playable demo for the Linux and Mac versions of Waveryder, a speedboat racing set in photorealistic real-world locations such as Venice, Lake Zurich, Niagara Falls, Egypt, Paris, London, Goa and Prague. In addition to arcade racing, the game also features a dedicated Stunt Mode. Available in both single-player and multiplayer, Waveryder's Stunt Mode allows players to engage turbo and leap over some of the most stunning bridges in the world. These iconic bridges include the Calatrava Bridge (Venice), Tower Bridge (London), Charles Bridge (Prague) and Pont Neuf (Paris).
Waveryder will be available for the PC, Apple Mac, Linux and home consoles - its Kickstarter campaign page is located here.