Warframe PS4 Version Unveiled and E3 2013 Trailer/Screens

Playable demo debuts at Electronic Entertainment Expo June 11-13th
Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe, a sci-fi third-person action game that challenges players to release their inner ninja, is coming to PlayStation 4 this fall. Some of the features involve the new enhanced DUAL SHOCK 4 controller that offers integrated audio, touch-pad controls and gameplay streaming capabilities. Additionally, 2nd screen functionality will come in the form of an Android and iOS App called Warframe Nexus. This companion app will allow players to perform in-game tasks and provide pertinent real-time game info while away from the PS4 system such as alerts to critical missions, crafting and building inventory, and scheduling gaming sessions with friends just to name a few.
Many of these features will be demonstrated during E3 where a playable demo will be available - the E3 2013 video and screenshots have been added in our download area.