State of Decay Released and Soundtrack Available

The embodiment of the “What if?" zombie apocalypse scenario
Undead Labs has confirmed the availability of State of Decay, a zombie-survival open world game that develops in real-time, dynamically generating content based on your actions, the choices you make, and the ever-increasing zombie threat. You can decide where you'd like to set up a fortified safe haven for you and other survivors you've rescued, then form raiding parties to gather resources and create supply chains. You can use the materials you've gathered to develop your community as you see fit, but be careful - resources will deplete as you pillage areas, and zombies are attracted to noise and activity. Also, you can take up the offensive by assaulting hordes before they reach your settlement, or focus on improving your defenses against the massed zombie attacks.
In related news, the official soundtrack of the game is available via iTunes. Scored by BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd, with guest tracks from in-house composer dreissk, the soundtrack features 21 exclusive tracks - visit this page for details.