The Settlers Online The Science System Update Coming Soon and Trailer

New system brings specializations, new buildings, production chains and resources
Releasing a new video, Ubisoft announced that Blue Byte is preparing a new Science System for its browser-based strategy game The Settlers Online: Castle Empire. The update will introduce seven new buildings, several new production chains and nine new resources. To develop skills, players will have to produce special books as resources (Manuscript, Tome and Codex). The more advanced a skill is, the more sophisticated books it will require. Players will also be able to choose between several specializations, allowing each player to customize, for example, their Specialists, to augment the game to better fit their own unique gameplay style.
The full Science System will be implemented progressively using player feedback, with the first phase launching for North American players on June 13. To celebrate the release of the Science System, all players who login between May 27th and June 10th will automatically receive an exclusive bonus item June 14th: the "Bookbinding Glue".