Unreal Engine 4 Integrated Partners Program Launched

More than a dozen technologies team up with the latest Unreal Engine technology to help shape the future of games
Epic Games today announced the Unreal Engine 4 Integrated Partners Program (IPP) which brings together leading middleware technologies and software that are integrated with Epic's Unreal Engine 4 game engine.
The inaugural Unreal Engine 4 IPP members and their integrated products are the following: Audiokinetic - Wwise, Autodesk – Autodesk Gameware, Donya Labs - Simplygon, Geomerics - Enlighten, IDV - SpeedTree for Games, Intel - Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB), NaturalMotion - morpheme and euphoria, NVIDIA - PhysX and APEX, Oculus VR - Oculus Rift, RAD Game Tools - Bink Video and Telemetry Performance Visualizer, RealD - RealD Developer Kit (RDK), Umbra Software - Umbra 3, and Xoreax - IncrediBuild-XGE.