Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 Released

The game is based on the Avalon Hill board game of the same name
PISD announced that it has shipped Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013, the latest version of the long-running boxing simulation game that was originally owned by Out of the Park Developments. TBCB 2013 is perfect for "What if?" scenarios, with the ability to simulate boxers' abilities at different stages of their careers. It has an auto-scheduler that lets you sim a boxing match many times (hundreds or thousands of times, even).
Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 includes enhanced radio-style commentary; more realistic crowd noises; pseudo-animated fighters who throw punches, clinch, and get knocked down; ring girls who parade between rounds; organisational rankings; the ability to import multiple images of each fighter, as well as pictures of famous boxing venues; a revamped auto-scheduling tool; and much more.