The Last Door Second Episode Enters Beta

The beta version of Chapter Two doesn't include the beginning nor the end of the episode, but everything else is there
The Game Kitchen has announced the availability of the beta version of Memories, the second chapter of The Last Door, an episodic horror adventure game. In this new chapter, The Last Door story takes us back to summer of 1891 in the Scottish coastline where all started decades ago, in the remote boarding school where Jeremy and his friend Anthony were confined being kids. Once there, the player will face new and intriguing puzzles while discovering secret experiments and a horrible story made of Jeremy's crude memories.
As a novelty, the indie developer studio has come up with an original idea: "Leave your mark in Chapter Two". This initiative consists in a collaborative dynamic where supporters can submit a description proposal for some objects that have been intentionally left undescribed within the game. This way, the more awesome descriptions will be part of the final game and his or her author name will be featured in the game credits at the end of the Chapter.
Memories will arrive on June 21st.