Tradewars Rising Kickstarter Campaign Underway

The funds raised through Kickstarter will be used to bring the game and engine to life, and draw a lot more users to it
Sylien Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Tradewars Rising which invites you to participate in completing the remake of famous classic space strategy massively multiplayer onilne game Tradewars. Tradewars Rising is a MMO game with a beginning and an end. Starship captains start games with a fresh random galaxy, NPC spawns, station and planetary setup, and burn a certain defined amount of turns every day in an attempt to gain points defined by the each game's unique winning conditions.
Captains compete against one another to achieve the winning conditions to climb the player rankings, gain experience, medals and awards, in essence measuring themselves against all the other captains game after game. In order to pull off wins, Captains can create and dismantle alliances, Corporations (win or lose together) and use diplomacy through various means using our forums, chat systems, private mail etc.