Lifeless Planet Cinematic Video

The trailer introduces the game's intriguing story and features a powerful orchestral score by composer Rich Douglas
Developed by David Board and Alaska-based Stage 2 Studios, Lifeless Planet is a 3D PC action adventure set to be published worldwide by Lace Games later this year. The game puts players in the moon-boots of a volunteer astronaut on a one-way mission to a life-bearing planet far outside our solar system. But after a rough landing, the promise of a new Earth soon fades with the discovery that the planet he was to explore is now barren and inhospitable. Alone in this wasteland, his fellow astronauts missing and his oxygen tank leaking, the astronaut's situation turns desperate. He begins to explore the planet for his missing crew members... only to discover a deeper mystery: an abandoned Soviet-era laboratory. He must discover if this is really an extra-solar planet or he has been shuttled to a lonely region of Siberia as part of a deceptive propaganda stunt.
A cinematic movie is now locally mirrored.