BUGS vs. TANKS! Released and Screens

WWII tank battles set in a deadly microscopic world
Along with these screenshots, Japanese game company LEVEL-5 announced that BUGS vs. TANKS!, the latest Keiji Inafune's action shooter, is available now in Europe via the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. BUGS vs. TANKS! is an action shooter set during World War II. In the game, players are thrust into the role of a WWII panzer squad, which has, unexpectedly, been shrunk to the size of a bug. In order to survive, players must master their tanks and engage in heated battles against ants, bees, moths, and more, all while clinging to the hope of finding a way to be returned to normal size.
The game offers co-operative multiplayer missions against some of the game's baddest bugs, with up to four friends joining the fray and the ability to call for friendly cover fire via StreetPass.