Steam Workshop Support Added to Cities in Motion 2

User-created maps and scenarios easy to share via Steam
Paradox Interactive announced that support for Steam Workshop has been introduced to Cities in Motion 2, the transit-planning simulator game developed by Colossal Order. With the implementation of Steam Workshop, Cities in Motion 2- modders will now have a quick way to upload custom city layouts and maps, plus original scenarios and rule sets. Players can then download and try out their peers' creations with a simple one-click "subscribe: command that will add Workshop content to their games on PC and on Mac.
In related news, Paradox has released a pair of official DLC packs including new vehicles that players can add to their fleets - and subsequently to their streets. The Bus Mania pack comes with five new bus types, from vehicles built for speed and comfort to eco-friendly zero-emissions buses, while the Tram Tremor pack gives light rail enthusiasts five new car types to glide through town.