Kingdom Under Fire II Coming to Indonesia

Kingdom Under Fire II is an AMMORTS-RPG (Action Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy-Role Playing Game
Qeon announced that it has signed the partnership agreement with the regional licensor Leadhope, KNT and the developer BluesideKingdom Under Fire II in Indonesia. In this game, gamer will control the main character and their army in the battlefield. The main character will join the battle in the heart of the war, which gives the gamer an action gameplay (hack and slash), while simultaneously gamers are able to control his army and launch a strategy to win the war, which gives an element of Real Time Strategy (RTS). Furthermore, Kingdom Under Fire II will also have MMORPG features such as Questing, Solo/Party Dungeon hunting and also a Character and army customization that enable gamers to develop their character and army according to their preference and gaming style.
Kingdom Under Fire II will arrive in Indonesia in 2014.