Dragonica: Cassiopeia Part I Launched and Screens/Trailer

Expansion launched in two parts with the first in June and a second later this summer
Releasing these screenshots and a video, Webzen announced the launch of Cassiopeia, the latest expansion for Dragonica, the action-packed 3D MMORPG from developer Gravity Games. Cassiopeia brings a total of 11 new dungeons to the game, which will be released in two stages with the first launched today and the second later this summer.
Each of the five dungeons will only be opened on one specific day of each week, and will allow players to obtain a ticket for one of the dungeons in the second, summer stage update. On these days players can begin earning the tickets necessary for the final eleventh dungeon, Ophiuchus. All dungeons will be available in three difficulty levels, depending on the player's level: players up to level 59 will enter the dungeons in "normal" mode, players up to level 69 will enter the "rare" mode, and players from level 70 upwards will experience the "hero" mode.
Each dungeon, some of the largest in the game, come with a large map, a powerful boss to fight, and special rewards that will be granted upon completion. Additionally, the expansion implements rebalanced classes along with a new launcher and installer which will provide more improvements.