Spelunker Released for 3DS and Wii U

In celebration of the game's 30th anniversary, the classic NES edition of the punishing platformer returns to challenge and confound gamers
Tozai Games announced that Spelunker, their fiendishly challenging classic platformer, is available now for Nintendo's Virtual Console service on Wii U in North America and Europe. The game also launched today in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in North America and is expected to be available in Europe on July 18. Created by Tim Martin in 1983, Spelunker is the weakest action hero in the history of video games, whose colossal spirit for adventure is countered only by his miniscule threshold for pain.
You will wander through miles of uncharted caves in search of the legendary underground pyramid and its vast treasures. But beware of the scalding steam vents, poisonous bats and the avenging spirits of dead spelunkers that lurk in every corner of this massive underground labyrinth.