Taxi Journey Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Screens

Inspired by the films of Tim Burton the Japanese filmmaker Miyazaki and Limbo
Lexis Numérique today announced the launch of a Kickstarter Campaign for Taxi Journey, a game that mixes adventure and puzzle gameplay in a universe that combines poetry, humor and mystery. The 30-day campaign begins today and ends on 27th July, and aims to raise $230k (£150K or €177K) to complete the funding requirements for Taxi Journey.
In Taxi Journey, Gino, a big man of few words, has a taxi with a difference: he's broke, so he gets on his bike and his customers hop on his back. After an encounter with a mysterious young girl called Zoe, he ends up journeying to strange faraway lands. Together they meet some engaging and amusing characters but also some more sinister types who will do everything in their power to stop them.
Five screenshots found their way in our gallery.