XCOM: Enemy Unknown Elite Edition Released

XCOM: Enemy Unknown expands on the X-COM legacy with an entirely new story, enemies and technologies to fight hostile aliens and defend Earth
Feral Interactive announced that XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a re-imagining of classic X-COM: UFO Defense (1994), has arrived for Mac via Steam, along with the Slingshot and Elite Soldier DLC packs. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a combination of turn-based tactics, global strategy and role-playing that puts players in charge of XCOM, the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit, a top-secret military organization responsible for defending Earth from an alien invasion. Players command a small squad of elite soldiers in tense turn-based battles where every decision could be the difference between game-changing gains or devastating losses for humanity.
The Mac version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam has all the features present in the Windows version of the game, including achievements and leaderboards, and allows Mac and Windows users to play against each other in online multiplayer games.