Tesla Breaks the World! Kickstarter Campaign Ending Soon, Video Released

Nikola Tesla battling zombies with science
Developed by Archetype Global for the PC, Mac and Linux, Tesla Breaks the World! is a combination of platforming, puzzle solving, amazing inventions, randomly-generating levels and of course, zombies. Set in the late 1800's, Nikola Tesla's latest invention: The Micro-Portable Magnifying Transmitter Device, has puzzlingly managed to reanimate the dead. This anomaly has all the markings of the nefarious genius, Thomas Edison. Tesla must set out across country, city, and laboratory to confront his arch-nemesis and fix the broken world - all the while solving puzzles, jumping over bottomless voids and surviving hordes of 1800's-era zombies.
Its Kickstarter campaign page can be found here - a teaser trailer is locally mirrored.