Guild Wars 2 Bazaar of the Four Winds Update Unveiled and Screens/Trailer

ArenaNet is maintaining a two-week major release schedule for Guild Wars 2
Releasing a new video and six screenshots, NCSOFT and ArenaNet have announced that a new update for Guild Wars 2 will go live on July 9th. In Bazaar of the Four Winds, merchants are converging from all corners of Tyria to sell their wares. The gathering will feature more than just shady characters and risky trade because, this year, the mystical flying Zephyr Sanctum has landed, bringing magical crystals and amazing movement skills to traders and adventurers alike.
The Bazaar of the Four Winds update includes new rewards and event, as well as a new PvP map, Skyhammer, in which players can battle for control of three capture points. In addition, players can unlock rewards like exclusive new armour skins, weapon skins and permanent account bonuses as they earn achievement points. They can also earn laurels, gems, gold, powerful items, and PvP and WvW rewards as achievement scores grow.