Stone Wardens Kickstarter Campaign Launched and Screens/Trailer

Unique tower defense / action-RPG hybrid to be launched for PC, Mac, and Linux
Burst Online Entertainment has announced the start of a Kickstarter campaign for Stone Wardens, a PC/Mac game that blends gameplay elements from tower defense games and action-roleplaying games (RPGs).
In Stone Wardens, the legendary wandering gates - ancient portals which have provided access to towns for millennia - have fallen under siege, threatening the survival of the people. Players will assume the role of Stone Wardens, beckoned by the call of war and turmoil. Warden classes include Stonesmiths, Runemasters, Wizards, Mages, Elementalists, Vestas, Gatekeepers, Tinkers, and Ninjas to name a few. Through bravery, skill, and success, a Warden can gain experience and earn prestige among the townspeople to unlock powerful abilities, pet familiars, and enchanted gear.
Each Warden wields distinct abilities, as well as a unique guardian they can summon. Familiars (magical pets) aid Wardens by harvesting spirit from the battlefield and using spirit to awaken and empower ancestral guardians.
Eighteen pics and a video have been inserted in our download area.