Scourge: Outbreak Xbox 360 Version Released and Screens/Trailer

Push, and release the Outbreak
Tragnarion Studios today announced that Scourge: Outbreak, an action-packed third-person shooter powered by Unreal Engine 3, is available now via Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points. Set in the near future, Scourge: Outbreak throws you into the boots of Echo Squad, an elite group of mercenaries hired by The Tarn Initiative to deal a decisive blow against the power-hungry Nogari Corporation. Stranded on Nogari Island shortly after being mysteriously attacked during your covert insertion, and surrounded on all sides by hostile forces, the only way out is to complete the mission.
The entire campaign supports up to four-player co-op, with full jump-in/jump-out support, squad AI to fill in empty slots and in-game voice chat for effective tactical co-ordination. Co-op matchmaking makes it quick and easy to find a game, or let other players find you.
Twelve new screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.