MechWarrior Online Launch Date Revealed

Join the cause this September
Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games today announced that MechWarrior Online will go live on September 17th, 2013. Currently in open beta testing, the BattleTech-inspired online game has exceeded one million registered pilots and players have spent more than 9.6 million hours or 1100 years playing the game, resulting in the annihilation of more than 46,941,487 Mechs.
They destroyed 3 billion tons of metal on the battlefield, which is 8,359 Empire State Buildings. Stacked end to end, these destroyed Mechs would reach to the moon and back 1,221 times. The total cost of this damage is a staggering 18,316,519,465 C-bills.
As far as the economy of the Inner Sphere, the MechWarrior Online player base has earned a whopping 10.1 trillion C-Bills. By comparison, the U.S. GDP is 14.99 trillion USD. The Inner Sphere fires far more missiles than the U.S., however, as 12,623,214,618 missiles have been fired since Open Beta.