Darkfall Unholy Wars Market System Update Launched and Screens

Prepare for epic PvP battles
Along with these screenshots, Aventurine announced the launch of a major content update to Darkfall Unholy Wars, adding the Market System to the game. The Market is a new, highly requested and highly anticipated feature which allows Darkfall Unholy Wars players to place and fulfill market orders in the four racial capitals. This addition to the game creates a completely player-driven economy and will change the way Darkfall Unholy Wars is played by many players.
Another major addition in this update are the significant changes to the Village System which were also highly requested by the Darkfall Unholy Wars players: Capturing and holding villages has become much more meaningful for clans and for the clan meta-game. As a result, Villages are very strategic and will become heavily contested areas, adding more PvP spots in the game.
Finally, as part of the Darkfall Unholy Wars naval warfare component, two new ships were added to the game, one utility ship called the Sea Scraper which is used to collect treasure from the ocean floor, and a new Warship, the Sloop.