Real Myst Hints

Courtesy of RA Productions.
The game is similar to Myst, so look for a full solution there (I mean look it up as Myst). But here's a guide to secret age - Rime. realMyst Mini-Guide to Rime This text is brought to you by RA PRODUCTIONS Copyright 2000. All Rights Reserved. Cyan, Myst and realMyst are trademarks of Cyan, Inc. By: PrIsM-Ra (Please e-mail corrections, additions, praise, flames, etc.) "Rime, I have named it. A desolate age with a beauty that is quite different than I had expected or imagined. The intricate feathers of ice that fall from the sky are awe-inspiring. I feel as though I could sit and watch them for hours. And though it is cold here, like I have never experienced before, I find myself enjoying the change of temperature, for it is unlike any other place I have seen... " --The Journal of Artus
Hints: 1) If you haven't yet found the hidden page in the vault for Artus, or you haven't got all the red and blue pages, do so now. 2) After Artus deals with his devilish sons, notice anything out of place in the library? 3) In the Rime journal: where have you seen the device pictured in the back of the book? 4) Try playing with the image viewer in the dockside chamber again. Particularly the topographical map. Look familiar? 5) Do you remember being able to walk AROUND the image viewer in the original Myst? 6) Behind the image viewer control panel, where have you seen this picture before? 7) Clicking makes a noise; it must do something... 8) Entered the code and can't find the Rime book? What is directly ABOVE you when the device raises up? Now here is a strightforward solution in case you still can't get to Rime using the hints above. 1) Go to the room by the docks. 2) Enter code 40 into the control panel. 3) Click the button on the image viewer to see a 3D-map of Rime. 4) On the far side of the image viewer should be a flashing button. Hit it. 5) This opens a hidden compartment behind the image control panel. 6) Click the small circle on the gold plaque. You should hear a machine sound. 7) Go to the rocket ship area and go along the left side of the walkway. A stairway should be open. 8) At the bottom, enter code: 2735* into the device. It will rise up above you. *This code is normally found in the Rime journal, last page after Artus kills his evil sons. 9) Go to the Library to find the Rime linking book. The Rime Age: 1) Upon arrival, spend some time enjoying the sights and sounds. You can hear the strange creatures Artus was talking about. These creatures can occasionally be seen rising out of water... 2) Along the left side of the small building is a gas pipe. Pull the lever. 3) Enter the small building. Close the door behind you. You'll notice the door is iced shut. Turn on the furnace. The ice will melt and you will be allowed to open the door. 4) Enter the elevator and go up. 5) Here is the northern lights machine. The breaker switch turns it on and the lever selects the color. (I don't know if this is for anything but show, but please e-mail me if you know). 6) Turning, you will notice a switch through a little window in the elevator. Hitting it rotates the elevator. On the other side is Artus' study and his Rime journal. 7) If you hit the down button again, you will end up in another area at the bottom. 8) Here you can experiment with the crystal book-view mentioned in the journals. The crystals change color when the mouse is hovered over them. Their shape changes with a click of the mouse. Enter the code found on a nearby desk to see a still image of Riven. (Please let me know if more images/movies are found here.) 9) I have a strong feeling there is allot missing here. Why would Cyan make an age so pointless?