Robot Rescue 3D Unveiled and Screens/Trailer

The wacky robots from the Robot Rescue series are back
Teyon today announced that Robot Rescue 3D, a quirky puzzler developed for Nintendo 3DS, will be available in the Nintendo eShop from July 18 in the Americas and Europe for $2.99 and 2.99 respectively.
Robot Rescue 3D consists of all the levels from Robot Rescue and Robot Rescue 2 plus additional never before seen levels all transformed into 3D. Players venture through challenging levels, with the objective to rescue all the wacky robots trapped in each maze. The levels are made more complex with all the robots sharing linked controls, generating synchronized movements and preventing a simple escape plan. Also, you can repaint your robots by stepping on special tiles in order to change their color and to access new paths and passages. The only way to make it to the exit in one piece is to use logic and strategy to unravel the puzzle and guide the wacky robots to freedom.
Six screenshots and a video have been added in our download section.